Thank you, Mommy!

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Appletree friends made a very original carnation bouquet for their mom.

It is the first time to make a bouquet with real flowers, and they were very serious : )  

This little effort makes mom so happy!!

  “We love you so much, mom!”

School Picture day on April 20th (Wed)

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Show your Best SMILE!!


Spring Parents Conference & Progress Report

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Thank you for all Pre-K 4 parents who shared their thoughts about our children’s school life. 

It is second marking period to check the students’ progress. Some children already can read the sight words! : )  We want to have our children’s brain works along with their fingers in this smart device era!

We will continue hard work for children’s Kindergarten preparation and social skills.

The great education is possible when parents and school work together!


Happy New Year 2016!

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The Christmas party was fun and great with all parents : )

We wish all of your best New Year of 2016!

Parent-Teacher Conference (October 27th ~ 29th)

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Soon, we are going to meet for a conference to discuss your child’s current assessment, the class goal and general school life.

These conferences are for Pre-K 4 & Prepper 3 classes only.

We’d like to use our time effectively, so please make a little note of any questions or concerns you may have ahead of time.

We are really looking forward to meet all parents.


Nursery Class Special discount Coupon (River Edge School ONLY)

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Let’s fill the Nursery class with more giggling : )

Our infant friends are growing healthy and lovely every day, and they already moved to the toddler class!

We look forward to meeting new babies and toddler friends in Appletree.

Check out our charming infant & toddler teachers and room!!

 Feel free to use the coupons for the new enrollment (River Edge School ONLY)


Happy Valentines Day

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It is cold out there, but

     we are warm here with our loving heart!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

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Happy Harvest Season!!

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We had a lot of fun at the field trip.

We had hay ride and picked our own pumpkin.

And there were farm animals. We fed them and they were so cute!!

Well, Thanksgiving is coming soon!

Happy Harvest Season!!

2014 – 2015 school year calendar

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Please check our school calendar for 2014-2015 school year and mark on your calendar!!


2014-2015 Calendar for parent

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